The 18 secrets of the “king of diamonds” Tiffany and Co

Tiffany&Co., founded in 1837, is famous for its silverware, and is famous for its Silver 925 ornaments in 1851. Tiffany&Co.’s legendary masterpiece leads the style to witness countless love stories that are beautiful to the world. The bright and beautiful diamond, the unparalleled perfect craft, has always created the eternal beauty of the world for the world. In 1960, Hollywood famous actress Audrey Hepburn’s “breakfast of Tiffany” was named after Tiffany. Since 1837, Tiffany&Co. is still one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies.

Tiffany&Co. was founded in 1837 by CharlesLewisTiffany and JohnF.Young. In fact, it was called Tiffany&Young. At first it was just a small stationery store, but Charles had great ideals and aspirations, hoping Tiffany could become a world-class brand. At that time, the Royal jewels of the European Court were of fine quality, and they were the best in the jewelry industry. The increasingly wealthy Americans are eager to have the Royal jewels that symbolize the upper society as a affirmation of their value to show their new economic and social status. CharlesLewisTiffany has gathered the noble aristocrats of Europe.

Tiffany&Co. was first known as silver tableware, and its venture capital came from Tiffany’s father. It was not until 1851 that silver ornaments were introduced. In 1848, the king of France, LouisPhilippe, was forced to retreat. Tiffany bought many precious stones from the escaped Royal aristocrat and became the first top diamond in the United States. CharlesLewisTiffany was called the “king of diamonds” by the New York media.