Reasonable price jewels are more popular

Tiffany&Co., an American jewelry company, recently released its fourth quarter results that the luxury retailer has driven high profit fashion jewels and cheap products to help the company win back. Luxury retailers’ sales also exceeded expectations and reached their highest level in 19 months.

Japan’s sales grew by 15% to $185 million in the fourth quarter. Tiffany reached a brand exposure last year through a popular TV program. At the same time, the strong yen also promoted the consumption of Japanese tourists in other areas.

Chinese consumers spend more money than local tourists and promote sales in the Asia Pacific region by 9% to 284 million dollars.

However, Tiffany sales in the United States dropped by 3% to 587 million dollars, partly due to traffic disruption in the flagship store in Fifth Avenue. Net sales increased by 1.3% to $1 billion 230 million, rising second times in two years.