Tiffany released “Tiffany and Love” style

Like other luxury brands, Tiffany is also faced with problems such as the loss of young consumers, the impact of online sales to physical stores, and so on. The brand should not only maintain the middle and high-end crowd, but also attract young consumers, and inherit good traditions, and also bring more inspiration and inspiration to customers.

In December 2017, Tiffany opened its first coffee shop, Blue Box Cafe, and served breakfast at the flagship store in Fifth Avenue, New York. The main Tiffany blue tune restaurant meets every corner of the pig girl’s maiden heart. Even the waitress and tie of the waitress are all Tiffany blue.

Furniture series is also a new attempt in Tiffany2017, adopting the “Tiffany” logo in the Co. & amp; logo as the logo of home decoration series. Continue the logo of the color and material, the introduction of the stationery series, kitchen products series, toy series, home ornaments, pet series and other handworks of art.