2018 Tiffany Brand Exhibition

On the night of the opening ceremony, stars of Beijing Phoenix Center, with modern design style, sparkled. Mr. Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany’s global vice president and chief gemologist, Mr. Le Kang (Laurent Cathala), President of Tiffany’s Greater China group, vice president of Tiffany and general manager of the board of directors, have come to the grand ceremony.

Mr. Le Kang, President of Tiffany’s Greater China group, said in a welcome speech: “since 1837, Tiffany has the world’s most outstanding jewelry craftsmen to help the brand achieve the highest standard in the industry, and we are also very proud to collaborate with the world’s top artists to lead the fashion trend.” The extraordinary design has made Tiffany not only the guardian of the highest standard of diamonds, but also the representative of the handed down style.

Tiffany China brand ambassador NII and brand ambassador Mark hand in hand to Tiffany brand friends Zhang Ziyi, Xi Mengyao, Huo Siyan, Lu Yu, Jacky Heung, Huo Siyan, and other celebrities to attend the 2017 “This is Tiffany” brand annual grand ceremony, making the glittering of the glittering night.