Tiffany is going to release its own perfume

More and more consumers are starting to pursue individuality and uniqueness, and the overseas market full of fresh and diversified commodities has become the object of their pursuit, small to snacks, toothpaste, slippers and other furniture daily necessities, large to home appliances, luxury bags, all aspects of the life of the Chinese people are accustomed to the sea. According to the data of ocean terminal, the cost of sea washing has also increased significantly, and the frequency of consumption and the increase of expenditure have shown the arrival of the era of nationalized sea.

When it comes to perfume, the first time is Chanel 5, miss Dior, Burberry, Gucci, Lancome, Estee Lauder. But just this summer, Tiffany, the champion of the jewelry industry, launched perfume again after 14 years. And these have long been GET to the ocean wharf.

Tiffany & Co Tiffany’s last launch of perfume has been traced back to 2003. This is the fundamental reason for pushing the fragrance line again, of course, in order to expand the size of consumers. The perfume is also the first cooperation between Coty group and Tiffany&Co.. The former, the Coty group is the largest perfume company in the world, and is also recognized as the leading manufacturer in the global beauty community.

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