The only happiness between you and me

From the moment the ring holds the ring finger of another, love has a deeper meaning. It promises two people to know each other and cherish each other in the future life. Although a long life is inevitably dull, love will shine like a diamond with a fingertip. It will brighten the years of firmness.

Meet Tiffany’s spring wedding, choose the unique and shining tiffany ring, adding a token of your love to you.

In 1886, Tiffany broke the tradition and lifted up an American diamond with six sets of claws to open a brilliant Legend – Tiffany Setting Setting Tiffany. Its breakthrough design gives the diamond a brand-new brilliance. Compared with the diamond embedded in the base of the past, the innovative and unique way of inlaying makes the diamond refracting more rays and showing a dazzling light.

Today, this legendary diamond ring has passed 130 years’ birthday. In its history of over 100 years, it has witnessed countless romantic oath with bright light. How can you lack it in your love story?