The 18 secrets of the “king of diamonds” Tiffany and Co

Tiffany&Co., founded in 1837, is famous for its silverware, and is famous for its Silver 925 ornaments in 1851. Tiffany&Co.’s legendary masterpiece leads the style to witness countless love stories that are beautiful to the world. The bright and beautiful diamond, the unparalleled perfect craft, has always created the eternal beauty of the world for the world. In 1960, Hollywood famous actress Audrey Hepburn’s “breakfast of Tiffany” was named after Tiffany. Since 1837, Tiffany&Co. is still one of the world’s leading luxury goods companies.

Tiffany&Co. was founded in 1837 by CharlesLewisTiffany and JohnF.Young. In fact, it was called Tiffany&Young. At first it was just a small stationery store, but Charles had great ideals and aspirations, hoping Tiffany could become a world-class brand. At that time, the Royal jewels of the European Court were of fine quality, and they were the best in the jewelry industry. The increasingly wealthy Americans are eager to have the Royal jewels that symbolize the upper society as a affirmation of their value to show their new economic and social status. CharlesLewisTiffany has gathered the noble aristocrats of Europe.

Tiffany&Co. was first known as silver tableware, and its venture capital came from Tiffany’s father. It was not until 1851 that silver ornaments were introduced. In 1848, the king of France, LouisPhilippe, was forced to retreat. Tiffany bought many precious stones from the escaped Royal aristocrat and became the first top diamond in the United States. CharlesLewisTiffany was called the “king of diamonds” by the New York media.

Reasonable price jewels are more popular

Tiffany&Co., an American jewelry company, recently released its fourth quarter results that the luxury retailer has driven high profit fashion jewels and cheap products to help the company win back. Luxury retailers’ sales also exceeded expectations and reached their highest level in 19 months.

Japan’s sales grew by 15% to $185 million in the fourth quarter. Tiffany reached a brand exposure last year through a popular TV program. At the same time, the strong yen also promoted the consumption of Japanese tourists in other areas.

Chinese consumers spend more money than local tourists and promote sales in the Asia Pacific region by 9% to 284 million dollars.

However, Tiffany sales in the United States dropped by 3% to 587 million dollars, partly due to traffic disruption in the flagship store in Fifth Avenue. Net sales increased by 1.3% to $1 billion 230 million, rising second times in two years.

Tiffany released “Tiffany and Love” style

Like other luxury brands, Tiffany is also faced with problems such as the loss of young consumers, the impact of online sales to physical stores, and so on. The brand should not only maintain the middle and high-end crowd, but also attract young consumers, and inherit good traditions, and also bring more inspiration and inspiration to customers.

In December 2017, Tiffany opened its first coffee shop, Blue Box Cafe, and served breakfast at the flagship store in Fifth Avenue, New York. The main Tiffany blue tune restaurant meets every corner of the pig girl’s maiden heart. Even the waitress and tie of the waitress are all Tiffany blue.

Furniture series is also a new attempt in Tiffany2017, adopting the “Tiffany” logo in the Co. & amp; logo as the logo of home decoration series. Continue the logo of the color and material, the introduction of the stationery series, kitchen products series, toy series, home ornaments, pet series and other handworks of art.

Tiffany antique jewels

Since 1837, Tiffany has played an important role in many great love stories in the world. Tiffany is not only a romantic witness, but also the source of the power of love. Over the past 180 years, he has full of true love feelings and tells the story of countless moving people.

Bright and dazzling gorgeous jewelry, elegant and meaningful style inheritance. Tiffany’s love handed down style makes it a good testimony to romantic love. Every day, countless love people come to Tiffany to remember every moment of love being lit up in life. Like every pair of lovers with individual personality, every piece of Tiffany’s works shows an ingenuity and eternal life style, which is worthy of true love. This inheritance began at the time of brand creation, and has so far spanned nearly two centuries.

In addition to many famous engagement rings, many of the gifts that symbolize love and commitment in modern history are from Tiffany. Love is the best gift. These precious metal and jewel diamond rings, personal custom accessories and jewels are the most precious emotions, and are now stored in the Tiffany antique treasure house.

Can Tiffany subvert the jewellery industry´╝č

Although the performance has been improved, the internal high rise of the American jewelry brand Tiffany&Co. continues to be unrest, and the group is also joining a new member while three board members leave. It is reported that the members of the board are Charles Marquis, Gary Costley, former CEO of California international food company and Michael Kowalski, former chairman and chief executive of Tiffany, and the newly joined board members are Annie Young-Scrivner from Godiva Chocolatier. .

The participation of women’s board members, in the view of the industry, allows Tiffany to see more of the problem from the perspective of female consumers when making the transition strategy.

The road to transformation of Tiffany has been a long time. Last year, Tiffany first joined the American female singer Lady Gaga to launch the HardWear series, and cost millions of dollars to launch a new series of commercials made by Lady Gaga to the Super Bowl football game in the United States for the first time; then co operated with the beauty group Coty, returning to the perfume business for thirteen years, and especially invited Chinese actors. Wei Zhou, as an image ambassador, produced a series of publicity pictor

2018 Tiffany Brand Exhibition

On the night of the opening ceremony, stars of Beijing Phoenix Center, with modern design style, sparkled. Mr. Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany’s global vice president and chief gemologist, Mr. Le Kang (Laurent Cathala), President of Tiffany’s Greater China group, vice president of Tiffany and general manager of the board of directors, have come to the grand ceremony.

Mr. Le Kang, President of Tiffany’s Greater China group, said in a welcome speech: “since 1837, Tiffany has the world’s most outstanding jewelry craftsmen to help the brand achieve the highest standard in the industry, and we are also very proud to collaborate with the world’s top artists to lead the fashion trend.” The extraordinary design has made Tiffany not only the guardian of the highest standard of diamonds, but also the representative of the handed down style.

Tiffany China brand ambassador NII and brand ambassador Mark hand in hand to Tiffany brand friends Zhang Ziyi, Xi Mengyao, Huo Siyan, Lu Yu, Jacky Heung, Huo Siyan, and other celebrities to attend the 2017 “This is Tiffany” brand annual grand ceremony, making the glittering of the glittering night.

The King of Tiffany Diamonds

In the middle of the nineteenth Century, the jewels were emanating a strong classical flavor, and the dreamers, including Charles Luis Tiffany, were building a new modern society on the other side of the Atlantic, including the dreamers, including Charles Luis Tiffany.

In 1848, Tiffany brought the diamonds and jewels purchased in Europe back to New York, bringing unprecedented jewelry decoration to the upper class, and he was regarded as the “king of diamonds” by the American media.

In 1878, the birth of Tiffany’s legendary yellow diamond refreshed the brilliant record of diamond shine. Tiffany’s master cut the diamond cut from the traditional 58 to 82. The 287 carat diamond stone is finally presented to the world with a 128.54 carat pillow shaped yellow drill. It has become one of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Costco was suspected of making infringement of tiffany’s copyright

In August 14th, Laura Taylor Swain, a regional judge in the United States, ruled that Tiffany has the right to pay $11 million for two times the profit of Costco (good city), which is three times the loss of Costco. In addition, there are 8 million 250 thousand dollars in punitive damages.

Tiffany said in a statement that the judge’s decision proved the strength of the Tiffany brand and the value of the brand, and most importantly, a clear message of warning was delivered to the Costco and other people who violated the Tiffany trademark. ”

Tiffany added: “we filed a lawsuit to protect the interests of customers who buy Tiffany jewelry. More importantly, let the public know that no one can use Tiffany illegally to sell counterfeit products.

Tiffany’s chief lawyer, Jeffrey Mitchell, said: “defending Tiffany’s brand value and rights is a tough and protracted war.”

But Costco made a statement that it would appeal, and Costco said, “this is not a case related to the manufacture of counterfeit products, and Costco does not sell fake Tiffany rings.”

In 2013, Tiffany brought a lawsuit to Costco for the first time in New York’s local court, saying it had learned from clients that Costco was selling “Tiffany” rings, and the Tiffany complainant said, “we don’t know that Costco has been using the” Tiffany “logo to mislead different styles of rings for many years.”

Tiffany is going to release its own perfume

More and more consumers are starting to pursue individuality and uniqueness, and the overseas market full of fresh and diversified commodities has become the object of their pursuit, small to snacks, toothpaste, slippers and other furniture daily necessities, large to home appliances, luxury bags, all aspects of the life of the Chinese people are accustomed to the sea. According to the data of ocean terminal, the cost of sea washing has also increased significantly, and the frequency of consumption and the increase of expenditure have shown the arrival of the era of nationalized sea.

When it comes to perfume, the first time is Chanel 5, miss Dior, Burberry, Gucci, Lancome, Estee Lauder. But just this summer, Tiffany, the champion of the jewelry industry, launched perfume again after 14 years. And these have long been GET to the ocean wharf.

Tiffany & Co Tiffany’s last launch of perfume has been traced back to 2003. This is the fundamental reason for pushing the fragrance line again, of course, in order to expand the size of consumers. The perfume is also the first cooperation between Coty group and Tiffany&Co.. The former, the Coty group is the largest perfume company in the world, and is also recognized as the leading manufacturer in the global beauty community.

Tiffany’s first female design director has joined LV Group

Louis Vuitton (LV), the group’s flagship brand, announced the appointment of Tiffany (Tiffany) former jewelry design director Francesca Amfitheatrof as the new watch and Jewellery Art Director.

Francesca Amfitheatrof is a world citizen. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and studied at the Saint Martin School of design in London, the Chelsea Institute of art and Royal College of Art.

Francesca Amfitheatrof presented its first silver jewelry series in 1993 at the White Cube Gallery of Jay Jopling, an art dealer in London. Her design has been sold in Paris Colette, London Browns, Florence Luisa Via Roma, New York Jeffreys and Hongkong’s Joyce stores.

Francesca Amfitheatrof began to serve as the director of jewelry design team of Tiffany brand in 2013. She is the first female designer to take up the post. Francesca Amfitheatrof resigned in January of this year, and Tiffany announced that she had been replaced by Reed Krakoff. In addition, Francesca Amfitheatrof has been a senior jewelry designer of the Royal jewellery brand Asprey&Garrard.

Luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Fendi and Marni have all designed their works and have been the curator of the Gucci Museum in Florence for three years.